The National Service Scheme has been functioning in our Polytechnic College with a goal of “Education”. The N.S.S. Programme has the distinction of developing the students through community service with objectives like students social consciousness, to work with and among people, and to develop awareness and knowledge of social realities, and also enrich their personalized goals. Our college has one N.S.S unit with 100 volunteers. Some of the social service activities like Tree plantation and Blood donation are appreciated by the people. The highlight of the N.S.S Programme is seven days special camp Programme, which is being conducted every year in the adopted Village.


A Red Ribbon Club unit is established in our institute under the control of NSS office DOTE. Seminars are conducted every semester to create awareness amongst the students about HIV & AIDS are its prevention.


               SKY Yog Manavalakkalai for Holistic Health

                         Spiritual Education and Practices for Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social Health

In the modern world, young minds face many problems  in daytoday life while acquiring excellent qualification, job, and basic needs. In order to understand, that  Our management, Principal, and faculty for  the students carrier development and  their life style with building up individual excellent character  have proposed  & planned to conduct yoga course. 

Our college offered SKY YOGA course since 1999 .by World Community Service Centre. associated with Guduvancheri  Manavalakkalai  mandram of Simplified Kundalini Yoga Professors for “Shaping the student to his best”. 

Happy life is the wish of everyone in the human society. Happiness is there everywhere in nature. Science & Engineering Technology has offered limitless comforts of life for mankind. In spite of all  these most of the human  population is found to suffer  both physically and mentally. Our objective is to provide a platform for humankind to learn and practice society based value education for health, happiness and harmony for our institute students.   

Our  Spiritual Father Vethathiri Maharishi (Founder of world Community Service Centre) has formulated the  SKY YOGA Known as Manavalakkalai Yoga as a Spiritual Education Which would pave the way for a pleasant life filled with peace, love and contentment and  through  Eradication of all the miseries and attainment of physical and mental health.  

The Breathing Exercise and the Physical Exercises are taught to regulate the flow of blood, heat, air and life force in the body, leading to good health.

Hand exercise, Leg exercise, Brain Brightaning Breathing exercise, Eye exercise, Kapalapathy, Makarasanam, Massage, Acupressure and Relaxation. 


  • When practiced regularly they, it helps to prevent diseases,
  • Improves physical strength and enhance longevity,
  • Strengthen the nerves in Eyes and improve vision,
  • Helps in correcting uterine and menstrual disorders,
  • Helps to regulate sugar level in blood and urine,
  • Helps in regulating blood pressure and in curing heart  ailments,
  • Relaxes the body and mind,
  • Helps to eradicate Insomina 

Simplified Kayakalpa Yoga

It is practice devised by Siddhars the wise ancient sages, to intensify the vital energy and to enhance the quality of life.  

More Benefits

  • Maintains youthfulness,
  • Retards ageing process,
  • Develops immunity against diseases and helps in curing diseases,
  • Helps in improving the quality of progeny,
  • Help in disciplining the mind, improves memory and concentration 

Simplified Meditation Practices

Normally the working centre of the life energy is at the ‘Mooladhar chakra’ located at the lower end of our spinal column. By raising the function centre of this energy to Agna chakra (pituitary gland) and Thuriya Chakra (Pineal gland) the dormant brain cells are activated resulting in sharpness of intellect, increase of memory and development of will power. 

During Meditation , the mental frequency is reduced from Beta wave to Alpha wave making the mind calm, providing control over our senses and developing concentration. Many other higher level meditation practices are also taught at the other courses that follow. 

Benefits: When practiced regularly, students will get, less effort but most benefit  of examination  with excellent performance , Improve concentration, develop memory and sharpen the intellect, Help to develop perspicacity, receptivity, creativity, adaptability and magnanimity, Help to regulate blood pressure and to enjoy peace of mind, Help to have sound sleep.