Regulations & Syllabus

1.Subjects of Study and Curriculum Outline

The subjects of study shall be in accordance with the syllabus prescribed from time to time, both in theory and practical. The curriculum outline for all semester is given in Annexure.


Board Examinations in all subjects of all the semesters under the scheme of examination will be conducted at the end of each semester. The Internal Assessment marks for all the subjects will be awarded on the basis of continuous internal assessment earned during the semester concerned. For each subject 25 marks are allotted for Internal Assessment marks and 75 marks are allotted for Board Examination.

3.Continuous Internal Assessment

  1. For theory Subjects
  • The continuous Internal Assessment marks for a total of 25 marks, which are to be distributed as follows.

Subject Attendance : 5 Marks

(Award of marks for attendance to each subject Theory / Practical will be as per the range given below)

  • 80% - 83% - 1 Mark
  • 84% - 87% - 2 Marks
  • 88% -91% - 3 Marks
  • 92% -95% - 4 Marks
  • 96% - 100% -5 Marks

ii) Test: 10 Marks

  • 2 Tests each of 2hours duration for a total of 50 marks are to be conducted.
  • The average of these two test marks will be taken and the marks to be reduced to 05 Marks
  • The Test – III is to be the Model test covering all the five units and the marks so obtained will be reduced to 05 Marks

Total: 10 Marks



When to Conduct



Test I

Unit I & Unit II

End of 6th week


2 Hours

Test II

Unit III & Unit IV

End of 12th week


2 Hours

Test III

Model Examination Compulsory covering all the 5 units.

( Board Examination question paper pattern)

End of 16th week


3 Hours

From the Academic Year 2016 – 2017 Onwards (M – SCHEME)

Question paper pattern for the periodical Test for I and II - year: (Test I & II)

4 Questions × 2 Mark=8 Marks

4 Questions × 3 Marks = 12 Marks

6 Questions × 5 Marks = 30 Marks

Total = 50 Marks

Assignment - 05 Marks

  • For each subject three assignments are to be given each for 20 marks and the average marks scored should be reduced for 05 Marks. 
  • All test papers and assignment notebook after getting the signature from the students must be kept in the safe custody and the department for verification and audit.
  • It should be preserved for a semester and produced to the flying squad at the time of inspection.

Seminar - 05 marks

The Material submitted as well seminar presentation: 5 Marks

The students will be given topics either from the subjects (excluding the topics available in the syllabus) or general topics which will help to improve their grasping capacity as well as their capacity to express the subject in hand. The students will be allowed to prepare the material for the given topic using the library hour and they will be permitted to present the seminar (for the 3rd , 4th semester the students will be permitted to present the seminar as a group not exceeding six members and for the 5 th and 6th semester students will be permitted to present the seminar individually and will carry 5 marks for every theory subject). The respective subject faculty will suggest topics to the students and will evaluate the submitted materials and seminar presentation. (2 ½ mark for the material submitted in writing and 2 ½ marks for the seminar presentation).

For each subject a minimum of two topics is to be given and the average marks scored should be reduced to 5 marks.

For Practical Subjects

a.Attendance     5 Marks
b. Procedure/ Observation and Tabulation / Other Practical Related Words   10 Marks
c. Record Writing   10 Marks
Total   25 Marks
Board Exam Marks   25 Marks
Total 100 Marks

Minimum Marks to be secured in the End Exam (Eligible for Pass):

  • 30 Marks out of 75 marks in the Board’s Theory / Drawing Examination and total 40 marks including internal Assignment Marks
  • 35 Marks out of 75 marks in the Board Practical Examinations and total 50 Marks.

Courses Offered:


Year of Starting


Civil Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Automobile Engineering



Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Electronics and Communication  Engineering



Computer Engineering




  • Parents are required to meet the Principal once in the month for a briefing on the performance of their wards regarding attendance, test and their conducts and behaviour.
  • On receiving the attendance cards, Test mark card, Letter or any other communication from the Principal, the parent should meet Principal without any delay. Failing which, the student will be sent home to bring their parents.
  • The parents should take keen interest in the welfare of their wards and take all necessary step for their improvement.


  • Ragging in any manner is prohibited in SRMPTC campus. According to Ragging Prohibition Act No. 7 of 1997 of Govt. of Tamilnadu will be invoked against any one indulging in the dehumanizing act.


  • Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in abets or propagates ragging within or outside any Educational Institution shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 2 years and shall also be liable to be fined which may extend to Rs.10,000   Further, if any student convicted of the offence under the act, will be dismissed from the Institution.


  • The prescribed term fees and other fees should be paid within the stipulated date. The names of defaulters will be struck off from the rolls and parents will be informed accordingly.


  1. Students are required to be regular and punctual to the classes.
  2. Perfect order and silence to be maintained in the college premises.
  3. Indiscipline, misconduct or irregularity will be viewed seriously and will attract punishments.
  4. Students should not assemble in groups near the lecture halls and other places which may cause nuisance.
  5. When a student meets a teaching staff of the college first he must wish him/her.
  6. Student should leave the class room only with the permission of the Lecture.
  7. Due to any unavoidable circumstances a student comes late, he/she must wait at the entrance of the classroom till he/she is permitted by the lecturer to enter the class. Late comers may be refused admission to the class.
  8. Student should be regular in submission of assignments and laboratory records etc..
  9. Periodical tests and model examination will be conducted during the course, Attendance in such tests and examination in theory, drawing and practical is compulsory. Leave or absence for the tests and examinations will not be permitted.
  10. Students are expected to behave themselves in decent manner and they should attend classes in neat and proper dress. Wearing of jeans pant and T-Shirt are not permitted.
  11. Students must wear ID card inside the campus.
  12. In case of any misbehaviour, the Lecturer may ask the student to withdraw from the class and shall report the matter to the Principal/HOD. Habitual neglect of class work will render a student punishment.
  13. Any student who violates any of the rules and regulations of the college shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and Principal may impose suitable punishment.
  14. The management will not be responsible for any loss, damage, injury or accident sustained by any student in the college premises or in the playground, hostel or while on educational tour.
  15. The Principal may expand, alter or amend the above rules from time to time for the proper functioning of the college.


  • Student must attend the Laboratory / Workshop  class only in the specified uniform with shoes.
  • Students should exercise meticulous care in handling instruments and avoid any damage to the college property and injury to themselves. Any item damaged or lost by Student should be replaced with a new one by him/her.
  • Proper order and discipline must be maintained in Laboratories and Workshops. The instructions of the  Lecturer or Instructor In-Charge must be properly followed. The practical work should be carried out in a systematic manner.
  • Record of practical should be neatly maintained and submitted regularly on the due date fixed by the concerned Lecturer.


A. Board examinations will be conducted at the end of  I Semester, II Semester, III Semester, IV Semester, V Semester and VI Semester both in theory and practical subjects. A candidate will be permitted to appear for  Board Examination, provided, if He / She secure a minimum of 80% of attendance in the semester of study. His / Her conduct has been satisfactory. 

B.The State Board of Technical Education, Tamilnadu, will conduct Board Examinations at the end of each year/semester both in Theory and Practical subject. To examine and evaluate the candidates in the Practical Examination Internal and External Examiners are appointed by the Chairman, Board of Examinations.